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My Kershaw LOVES coming to the ranch! When we first rescued him we were very worried about leaving him anywhere, even for just daycare, given how anxious he was when we first got him. After meeting Judi and the fabulous staff at Wagontail Ranch, Kershaw felt immediately so loved and cared for. I left town for two weeks after first meeting our family at the ranch, and since then, they have become kershaw's second family! As a first time dog owner, I learn so much from WTR, and can ask for tips or advice whenever I need- I always know they  have the best advice and tips. Thank you WTR for loving my baby so much! Kershaw is so lucky to have such an amazingly loving and special family over at Wagontail.      

"Full Stars!" :)
My dog can barely contain himself when we get in the car to go over there! It's like going to doggy Disneyland for him, and for me it's great peace of mind knowing how much love and attention the entire staff gives him and all the dogs. Thanks guys, from me and my dog Awesome.                 

We have been bringing our dog here since he was 3 months old and we absolutely could not say enough about how wonderful wagontail is. When he was a puppy, they were great about slowly socializing our dog Gatsby. Now that he is a year old, he is so excited when he goes to Wagontail. It's obvious he has such a good time and it makes us feel comfortable when leaving him. We use both their day care and boarding services. When we board him, we know he is having his own vacation which makes us feel less guilty about leaving him. Judi and team treat all the dogs like their own family. We bring his bed and he sleeps in that when boarded. They always send you photos of your dog during the day which is something my husband and I really look forward to when he is there. Could not recommend them enough!  

Clearly I am not the only person that thinks this place is outstanding. The staff are warm and loving, the facility is clean and well maintained. There is ample room for the dogs to run and play.
My dog LOVES going here and if I don't take him for a couple days he becomes depressed :(
Wagon Tails is the best treat I can give my dog.

I am a new dog owner, never grew up with a pet and now am trying to figure out how to be the best owner to my sweet little rescue puppy Kobi. Wagon Tail Ranch became a safe and trusted place for me to leave Kobi in doggy day care for the one day that I work as well as knowing that I can comfortably board him overnight if I plan on being away from home for too many hours. Even more, Judi and her wonderful staff have been helping me to socialize my puppy and try to help him become less timid. They take the time to gain his trust and work with him through these issues. The facility is doggy heaven with a large yard that the dogs can easily access. There is a separate fenced in area within the yard that separates the smaller dogs from the bigger and often more rambunctious dogs. There is an area inside the house as well where the smaller dogs have free reign to run and play with each other. Additionally, they run their business very well with excellent communication and clear info about their policies and pricing. I just read in a prior review that there is now a long wait list to get your dog into their facility. I feel lucky to already be a customer and I would encourage anyone who loves their dog to stay in touch with Judi and be patient because it will be worth the wait.

Wagon Tail Ranch has become the greatest service we have ever found. It is incredibly hard to find a pet service that you trust, we have dealt with some bad apples in the past, who charge ridiculous high prices for the least amount of care possible. Judi and her staff are absolutely incredible. They are so knowledgeable and have such a passion for what they do. Whenever we leave our dog Auggie the staff sends us pictures showing us how much fun he is having. I will forever rely on Wagon Tail Ranch to take care of our furry family member. They are wonderful, and have changed our life, knowing we can travel without feeling guilty fir leaving Auggie behind. I know that Wagon Tail Ranch is like a vacation for him!  Thank you to Judi and staff!

What can I say about Wagon Tails Ranch that hasn't already been said by other reviewers? I had a bad experience with another boarding place and came to Wagon Tails after looking at the yelp reviews. I'm glad I did, I emailed Judi and quickly got a response. I took my puppy for the temperament assessment test and she passed. I take her here every Saturday so that she could get used to the environment and have some socialization. I like how Judi response quickly to e-mails and how they send you pictures/updates on how your dog is doing. My puppy is always tired and I have to pull her away from the place so that I can take her home. Even though it's a little far from me, I will keep going there because she has so much fun. Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend Wagon Tail Ranch Doggie day Camp & Bed n'Bones!  I found Wagon Tail Ranch by doing a google search over 4 years ago.  I consider them my dogs other family.  I took a job in woodland Hills and found an apartment around the corner.  I was going home on my lunch break and walking my dog.  The apartment building is new and has had a few hick-ups.  The fire alarm kept going off all of the time.  I tried getting recommendations from my coworkers for kennels and daycares for dogs.  I had a co-worker who was taking his dog to a kennel that walked the dogs around 3 times a day but otherwise they sat in a cage all day.  I felt to sorry for his dog.  I did a bunch of interviews with several day cares/Kennels and loved the way the dogs had the freedom to be dogs at Wagon Tail with no leashes.  They have the freedom to run, dig, and sleep until they choose to.  I trust them to take care of my dog and to treat him like I want him to be treated.  I worship my dog and treat him like a little human being and they do the same.  My dog is currently 18 years old (Schipperke/Chihuahua mix) and still acts like a young dog.  His health is excellent.  He actually seems to get healthier with age if that is possible?  I think most of that comes from having a life/purpose.  He goes to Wagon Tail Ranch 5 days a week.  Going to Wagon Tail Ranch is his job, school, and friends that he hangs out with.  They keep him young and healthy.  He can't wait to get out of the car every morning and he falls sleep in my arms at the end of the day when I pick him up.  He has been going to Wagon Tail ranch for over 4 years.  I also take him there when I go on vacation.  Great place to take your dogs! They really love animals here and treat your dog like their own. I highly recommend this place for any picky pet owner.  In my next life I would like to come back as my dog and hopefully I could to go to wagon Tail Ranch.  If you ever end up there for a visit, ask about my little guy, his name is Romeo and he goes by LR there.

Home away from home for our puppy.  I have gone to visit 5 dog day care / boarding facilities from Santa Monica to Topanga, Woodland Hills.  We needed to board Kiki, our 5 month old female english shepherd (herder like a border collie) for the first time for 10 days.  Kiki was anxious during the temperament test, and I was worried that she wouldn't pass Judi's standards.  Judi recommended that I bring her back for a day play date the next day so she could see her behavior when I am not around.  Thank goodness with Judi's expertise, love and care, Kiki felt comfortable the next day to relax a little and have fun!  I brought her back every day for 5 days before the trip so that she could get totally used to her home away from home before we left her for 10 days.  I will attach a photo of Kiki walking on to Judi's property for the first time looking concerned, and a contrasting picture of Kiki today (4 days later) having a blast with her new friends!  In addition to the professional staff and care Kiki is treated to at Wagon Tail Ranch, the grounds and facility is a giant ranch home, so the dogs totally feel like they are at home, and not in some concrete building with cubicles.  They sleep in the house on sofas and some of the needier dogs even sleep in bed with Judi!  I am so grateful for Judi and her staff, and intend to begin taking my other 2 dogs there as well!

I have nothing but positive things to say about Judi & Tim and the entire Wagon Tail Ranch team!  Our Lucy absolutely loves her time there.  Nothing beats the peace of mind of knowing your cherished dog is in good hands when you are away, and whenever we drop her off at Wagon Tail we know she will have a fantastic time and be as well cared for as though she was home with us.  

Judi & Tim are special people, in that this is more than a business for them.  They truly and sincerely love the dogs that come into their care.  We love to get pictures of Lucy's days at Wagon Tail - in every single shot we can see that she's having a great time.  They have a large property, and our dog loves running and playing with the new friends she makes at every visit. We like knowing that Judi & Tim screen the dogs to ensure no aggressive dogs will be present.  We also like knowing that Lucy isn't just stuck in a kennel with periodic visits out - unlike other boarding options, at Wagon Tail, Lucy gets to just be a dog and enjoy nature. Wagon Tail Ranch - thank you for taking SUCH good care of Lucy this weekend!  We know she is looking forward to her next stay with you.


We are so glad we found this amazing place. Judi, Tim and the whole team at Wagon Tail are great. Boomer starts crying as soon as I turn down the street and literally drags me to the door to get in. Knowing he enjoys going here and he is welcomed here makes us feel better about leaving him.
Of course we want him to go every with us, but as most of you know  that is not possible. We take comfort knowing he is in good hands.
Boomer comes home exhausted from all his fun time!
Thanks again everyone at Wagon Tail

When we had to leave our gentle beloved 13 year old Labrador for the first time, without our relatives able to care for him as usual, I was very very anxious.   I  visited numerous other dog boarding facilities which left me feeling increasingly anxious. Either they were smaller cement enclosures were he would be lonely and increasingly stiff with his mild arthritis or they were crowded with rather hyperactive barking dogs running aimlessly in indoor warehouse type facilities, or a combination of both. Disappointed, I almost canceled my trip to my daughter's college graduation until I pulled into the beautiful setting of Wagon Tail Ranch. The environment was both serene, natural, loving, and still extremely clean, organized and well staffed. Our dog felt instantly at home because he was in the same environment as he was with us at our home. Dogs are able to go where they want in the very spacious secure grassy backyard (complete with trees and misters) or wander into the home where they enjoy the kitchen and family room.  All the dogs at Wagon Tail Ranch are so happy and peaceful that my dog blended right in the moment he came for his evaluation.  Most important, the owners, Judi and Tim and their staff are so warm and friendly and true dog lovers who absolutely love your dog. They will kiss and hug your dog (other places had the audacity to charge extra for such attention!) and do whatever it takes to make your dog feel loved and comfortable.  They are wonderful professionals as well. They will treat you respectfully and answer your questions thoroughly.  Emails and phone calls are responded to immediately and many pictures of our dog were sent to us (unrequested!) to further give us peace of mind. We are thrilled and relieved to have found Wagon Tail Ranch and highly recommend them.  Judi and Tim and the staff really do feel just like family to us and clearly our dog feels the same. We'll be back!


We would never leave Los Angeles were it not for the Wagon Tail Ranch. Judi, Timothy and the whole Wagon Tail Ranch crew are AMAZING!! From the moment we first met them at our dogs consultation visit, we knew we had found a special place with special people.
Weather it's just a daycare visit or a 2week stay, our dog has a fantastic time at the ranch and we know he is in the best of hands. The house is immaculate for having a lot of dogs roaming around. They have an enormous fenced in backyard where all of the dogs can play with one another so they get a fantastic amount of exercise during their visit. Our dog, a terrier, has a TON of energy. When he comes home he sleeps from the ranch he sleeps for days. And i convinced the last time we picked him up he was a little depressed to leave all of his friends! The Wagon Tail Family cares deeply about animals and we feel lucky our dog is considered part of the family.

Lara T.                                                                                          "Ernie"


I recently boarded my dog with Wagon Tail Ranch for 2 weeks. I have never boarded a dog for that period of time and was quite apprehensive. I have tried other boarding places in the past and was always greeted by a fairly depressed dog. Not at all the case this time at Wagon Tail Ranch. My dog goes to work with me everyday and is used to being with people and other dogs all the time. He is used to getting allot of attention.And he does not sleep in a crate. When I picked him up after 2 weeks he was very happy and very tired. Exactly what I had hoped for.
The facility itself is excellent. There is app. 1 acre+ and the dogs stay in the owners lovely ranch style home. Between Judi and Tim and there staff the home and grounds are immaculate. There is no need to look any further for a place to bring your beloved pet. This is the spot.

Dave W Westlake Village CA                                                        "Philly"


The Wagon Tail Ranch is the best, and now only, dog day (and overnight) care I will ever trust my pups with. I was leaving town for my birthday and all of my friends that usually watch our dogs for us were coming with to celebrate. I didn't know who to call. I received several recommendations and looked up several boarding facilities locally with no avail. Then I called the Wagon Tail Ranch. Tim and Judi invited us to come over for a meet-n-greet, and we couldn't be any more pleased once we went over. Their ranch is amazing! A doggie oasis! We knew we found the right place right away.
Our boys stayed for 3 nights. They sent us emails with updates and pictures of our dogs enjoying their time with all the other dogs. That was a special gesture that really made us feel good while our dogs were away from us.
It was all too easy giving 5 stars to Judi, Tim and the Wagon Tail Ranch!!! I look forward to taking my dogs there again!

Jimmi                                                                                  "Dodger and Tahoe"

I can't say enough wonderful praises about Judi & Timothy. They are the most loving & caring people I have met in a very long time. I have never boarded my doggies Benji & Buffie before as I could not put them in boarding & feel happy. Now I am addicted to Wagon Tail Ranch! My dogs love going there & Aunt Judi & Uncle Timothy take excellent care of them. They are very knowledgeable about animals & I trust them explicitly! My dogs have gone for play dates, daycare and overnights and just recently for 10 first vacation in years. I did not worry (my dogs are my children) and wouldn't leave them with just anyone!! I just moved from a house to an apartment, so now I take my dogs to Judi and Timothy on the weekends just so they can play! It's amazing to me what a quiet pleasant environment it is they have such a control of the dogs and their's so organized and's amazing.  They treat the dogs as each one is personally their child: they love them and kiss them and give me the piece of mind I need! I live in Porter Ranch so driving to Woodland Hills is not around the corner, but it's worth the effort and I will take my dogs and any future dogs I have to Wagon Tail Ranch....and only there! I plan on getting away all of the time now as I no longer have to feel guilty leaving my dogs behind. (I wish they would adopt me!!!!) There is nothing not to love about them. We have had many wonderful conversations and they have taught me a lot of things about dogs I didn't know.
I now defer to their judgment based on their years of experience. I can't explain what a wonderful feeling it is to know that if you want a vacation, a day off to attend a wedding, or recently I hurt my back, so there was a place for Benji and Buffie to live while I was home in bed unable to take care of them.
Judi and Timothy, I want to thank you very much for what you are a remarkable couple who truly puts every ounce of your love & care to all of the dogs in your care. You are my lifesavers and I am truly blessed to have found you both.
I would tell anyone that if  you need a loving home environment for dog care, that this is the place for you!! I cannot praise them enough.....they are truly dogs best friends.

Forever appreciative,                                                               "Benji &Buffie"

My dog was treated like a KING. Judi and Timothy took great care of Barney and myself!! I received constant updates when I was away. Including pictures of him playing with the other dogs. I felt super comfortable leaving him there. The ranch has a beautiful play area, the dogs can stay in the living room and they are treated like part of the family. Barney got lots of love and great care at Wagon Tail Ranch. I HIGHLY recommend this place!

Claudia                                                                                         "Barney"


We are so happy to have found Wagon Tail Ranch! Our little adopted poodle mix, Dori, has separation anxiety and I am a very "mothering" dog owner. Needless to say, I used to worry about having to go away and leave her. Finding Judi and Tim was almost too good to be true. Only 15 minutes from home and no cages, this is honest and loving care of each and every animal. They take the time to "interview" dogs and owners before accepting animals to their "brood". No aggressive behavior is tolerated; the dogs play and interact socially in a very positive environment. The level of care was obvious the day my husband went to pick up our dog after her 3-day overnight stay; she didn't want to leave! Judi sends pictures and keeps us posted on how Dori's doing via email and she responds to phone calls, when necessary, very quickly. I am so grateful to have this very special option available to me as an empty-nester who travels fairly regularly.

Carol                                                                                              "Dori"


This is THE BEST place you can find! My little westie, Calamity, is always so tired after running and playing that she falls asleep on the way home. I completely trust Judy and Tim. They truly make you feel comfortable leaving your pet in their care. While I'm out of town, I get updates and photos emailed to me regularly so I can have peace of mind while I'm away. They only take non agressive dogs and never have more than they can handle, so each pet gets the attention they need. They have a large fenced in backyard and lots of toys. At the kennel, your dog is locked up in a crate most of the day and you have to pay extra for any special attention. At the Wagon Tail Ranch, for the same price, sometimes less, your pet gets constant attention, an entire house and backyard, and friends to play with all day long. I am so glad I found this place!

Courtney                                                                                       "Calamity"


I am so impressed with Tim and Judi I want to quit my day job and go to work for them. They are so good at what they do - true dog lovers. These people do not only look after your pets with love, care and responsibility, but they treat them like thier own animals; giving your dog special treatment if he especially misses home, take pictures of your pet while you're away so you can see just how happy they are at the ranch. They even have a living room that is specifically designated to the house guests including easy chairs, toys and couches.
Before your dog can stay a Wagon Tail Ranch they must come over and be introduced to the other dogs slowly. Tim and Judi are very experienced with dogs and won't accept a dog at the ranch that doesn't fit in socially. Judi is extremely organized when it comes to food specifics like diet control or any special medications. One of my dogs doesn't drink out of other dogs water bowls so she was sure to put Dodger's water out in a special spot so he knew it was his.
Listen....i hate leaving my dogs. I'm one of these pathetic animal lovers who gets
sad on her way to Hawaii cause...."What about the boys?" Wagon tail Ranch is a special treat for dogs. Judi told us that dogs have been knows to sleep for a couple of days when they return home because they are so active playing at the ranch and our dogs were no exception to that. I will absolutely use them again and again and you should's like Disneyland for the dogs!

   Emily                                                                                 "Dodger and Tahoe"


My husband and I had been trying locate a facility that would take care of our French bulldog, Conrad, after having a bad experience with his last Doggie Day Camp. It seemed during our search we would never find anyone until we found Judi and Timothy at Wagon Tail Ranch. What wonderful people and what a wonderful home environment. Judi and Timothy are so loving and caring and they really invest in each dog that is in their home. They understand Conrad's needs and do not deviate from it one bit. Conrad has overnight stays, spends two days a week at Doggie Day Camp and we can walk away and NEVER have to worry. Judi always sends us pictures of Conrad playing with his new found friends, which gives my husband and I a great deal of joy and provides us with the opportunity to take park in Conrad's day. I would highly recommend Wagon Tail Ranch to anyone who is looking for Doggie Day Camp or overnight stays for their dog. Even though their home is out of our way (we are in Canyon Country), it is worth having to drive the extra time and miles on the road to ensure Conrad is well taken care of. You know that your dog is well taken care of when he does not want to leave when you arrive to pick him up. This has been our experience and Conrad is always eager to get out of the car when we arrive and wants to turn around and go back when he has to leave. While Conrad loves being with his parents it is reassuring to know that he has no qualms about staying. Thank you Judi and Timothy for taking such wonderful care of our boy....we appreciate it tremendously.

Renee and Bob                                                                                 "Conrad"

To All Animal Lovers,
     If you have ever wanted a perfect place to leave your pets when you are away, do we ever have the most wonderful people and place for you !!
 Judi and Tim have taken care of our various pets for over twenty-five years, both in our home and in theirs.  Each time it has been a fabulous experience for our pets and for us !  We have the knowledge and peace of mind knowing that our animals are receiving the absolute best care and royal treatment possible ( humans should get the great care our pets do !! ) Judi and Tim always seem to " go the extra mile "and treat our pets like part of their family. Indeed, after all these years, they are family !!
        Please consider talking with Judi and Tim whenever you need and desire superb pet service and care.  You will love them as we do, and your beloved animals  will be in for the most wonderful experience of their lives !
Toni and Bob Portillo                                                                "Wrinkles"

To Pet lovers,
Judi & Timothy have been my babysitters of choice for my dog Ginger for the last four years. They are wonderful. It seems that Ginger gets even more attention at Wagon Tail Ranch than at home.  Ginger has a great time with the other dogs and loves to play in Judi’s big yard. 
Judi is very loving and often refers to the dogs as her “Children.”  She has more compassion for animals than anyone I have ever seen.  Judi and Timothy are great and I wouldn’t have anyone else take care of Ginger.  I would recommend them  to anyone who would like a loving, fun and affectionate sitter for his or her dog.
Teresa Aulestia                                                                        "Ginger"

Judi & timothy at the Wagon Tail Ranch are going to be my preferred place to take my dog when I'm away. Their patience & calming personalities makes your pet feel so at home & so loved. They are able to accommodate the needs of your pet in anyway they can, so that he/she feels comfortable. The grounds at Wagon tail Ranch are perfect for your pet to run around while your gone; enough to maybe even forget about you while your gone. They sent me multiple pictures while I was away, which truly made being away from my dog much easier! I had a sense of ease the entire time I was away, not having to worry about him. I also felt as though it was an easy transition taking my dog there and then bringing him back home. I would recommend them to anyone!


Joe M. Gurney                                                                            "Pugsly"
My little Chihuahua Palmer has been in doggy daycare at Wagon Tail Ranch for the past 3 years. Yes we are a bit crazy , but he has horrible separation anxiety. He is so happy at Wagon Tail Ranch. He especially loves to run around in the big back yard (we don't have one). Tim and Judi are his surrogate mom and dad. We never worry a bit when he is there because they treat him like one of their own.

Casie                                              "Palmer"


Our pound puppy, Corky spends time at the Ranch whenever we go out of town. Tim and Judi are so loving to him and he really enjoys being there. All the dogs get along very well and we never worry about the care Corky is receiving. He gets to run and play in the backyard and sleep inside with the family. Tim and Judi have a special bond with all animals and there are always lots of hugs and kisses to go around. Tim and Judi will also train you and/or your dog. I would highly recommend Wagon Tail Ranch to anyone looking for a great place to care for your dogs.

Elaine & Bill                                                                               "Corky"


Hi Judi & Tim,

We were so happy to see that you sent us and email and photos while we were away. Great shots!!! Thanks for the fun report also. We can see that Lacey was so well taken care of and very much loved. What an amazing home away from home
you provide. We were also impressed with the clean and cozy feel of your home.
This was Lacey's first time ever, in her 15 years, that she has stayed away from
family, and with other members of her kind. We were a bit nervous, but oh my, what a surprise. Your slow introduction of Lacey and her new friends seemed to make her feel comfortable. You are right , she is very wise and her fun self was able to shine in your safe and loving home. We were so happy to hear how well our "Granny Lacey" fit right in. Thanks for taking the video with Lacey playing with Milo. Tell him she says "Hello!" If we are able to take another vacation, we know the perfect place for our "old" gal.

Thanks again,
Tracey and Anna                                                              "Granny Lacey"


Dear Judi & Timothy,

Wagon Tail Ranch is the only place I would ever leave my beagle puppy , Tobey. Judi & Timothy are such wonderful, loving, caring and knowledgeable dog care owners and trainers. I was so worried about going on vacation because I just couldn't find the right care for Tobey. I just couldn't leave my "Baby" in a large, impersonal dog resort. I just can't tell you how happy I was to find Wagon Tail Ranch. They give your animals the love and attention they need as if they were their own pet. The ranch itself is a dog heaven; there is so much room for the dogs to roam, but still be supervised. Now I can go on vacation and have piece of mind
knowing that Tobey is having a great time too. If my dog could talk, I just know he would tell me what a wonderful time he has at the ranch and that he loves to go back for other doggie vacations.

Lots of Love,
Annette                                                                               "Tobey"


Hi Judi & Timothy,

I just want to thank you once again for taking care of our Okie. It makes me very happy to have found someone like you that takes very good care of our pet. I was really surprised to see how excited he was to return to the ranch. It really shows that he feels good being there and that he really likes it. Thank you for the photos and for all your help. We will be in touch when we need your care. Have a wonderful day and thank you once again.

Flor                                                                                        "Okie"

Hi Judi and Tim,

Thank you for the pictures of Albi. We did not have any pictures of Albi and our friends and coworkers have been asking for them. I sent them the pictures you took and received great comments back.  We would recommend you in a minute!
We would be happy to have you help us with Albi next time we go out of town, in fact I can see bring him for a play day. He really seemed so happy when we picked him up . Thank you for caring about him.

Kent & Evelyn Palmer                                                          "Albi"


Hi Judi and Timothy,

Thank you so much for all the adorable photos. it looks like Daisy and Teddy we having the time of their lives. Next time we go out of town they are all yours. It's so nice having someone care for them who really loves them.

Thanks again talk to you soon,
Lisa                                                                                "Daisy & Teddy"


Hi Judi & Tim,

I just wanted to say thank you for the pictures you emailed me last night! I loved them! I showed my brother and we all cooed how cute Jack was playing with his friends! We're glad he had a lot of fun and agreed that it was much better that he stayed at your ranch rather than just sitting at grandma's house home alone and bored. He hasn't played with other dogs in a while so it was great to see him play again! Thanks again for everything and we plan on taking Jack back there whenever we are out of town!

Ferlay Aguda                                      "Jack" 


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